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ปีที่ฉาย : 2018 20 นาที IMDb 8
Lord Xue Ying

Lord Xue Ying

Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang Yu eloped giving birth to 2 children, Dong Bo Xue Ying and Dong Bo Qing Shi. They live together as a family at Qing He region of Xue Ying Territory. When Xue Ying was eight, their location was compromised and his mother’s side uncle Mo Yang Chen, with an order in hand, came to apprehend Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang Yu. Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang Yu was then imprisoned within Mo family territory. To rescue his parents, Dong Bo Xue Ying cultivated his spear technique vigorously. On his journey he met Yu Jing Qiu, became a meteor knight. Because of his brother Qing Shi accidentally killed a rich brat. he was targeted by an powerful assassin name Xiang Pang Yun, who is a ranking member on the Long Shang Tier list from the Xue Dao Tavern, a mercenary group. Xue Ying and Pang Yun fought until they move into Hei Feng canyon. (Translated from the Chinese version on TMDB)

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